Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

4.1 Drawing on & valuing students' backgrounds
4.2 Establishing and articulating goals for student learning
4.3 Developing & sequencing instructional activities and materials
4.4 Designing short-term and long-term plans to foster learning
4.5 Modifying instructional plans to adjust for student needs

Science curriculum in Kindergarten is farm animals. 

We had a goat owner bring these dwarf nigerian goats to our school.  The students learned about these animals while they held and petted them.

Establishing and articulating goals.

Each day we have a morning message.  In this message we talk about and write down the things that we will do and learn that day.  At the end of the day we discuss and reflect on what we learned, what we liked and what we could have done better.  This has helped our classroom to build a sense of responsibility and community.

Modifying instructional plans to adjust to student needs.

This year many students have started at a variety of maturity and academic levels.  Students will be grouped for direct targeted instruction based on their specific needs.